Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d like to see more of (General Wants & Specific Fictional Universes).

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d like to see more of (General Wants & Specific Fictional Universes).

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Hey! So, this is ~rlprotagonist, now ~jamesleahgdi πŸ™‚ And here’s my TTT!


  • UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE. Any bets on when the Publishing industry is FINALLY going to begin to acknowledge that this idea that ‘a market for New Adult doesn’t exist’ is total BS? There are approx 10000k takes on high school and about ten on college/university. Makes zero sense.
  • DISNEYLAND/DISNEYWORLD. Don’t know, can’t explain it. Like, yes, there’s quite a few books about cute lil’ town theme parks or whatever but’s just not the same as the powerhouse that is Disney.
  • POST-APOCALYPTIC, WHERE HUMANITY HAS ADAPTED, AND NOT IN A DYSTOPIAN WAY. This is… truly, deeply specific and I don’t know how else to phrase it. I want to see more world-ending scenarios that SEVERELY fuck with the world… but do not Ruin it, do not have an All-Knowing EvilMotherFucker to overthrow.


I’m taking this one as ‘universes I’d still REALLY want to read about… in spite of the main characters from the books not being around, because I just love the setting that goddamn much.

  • FUTURE EARTH, ARC OF THE SCYTHE TRILOGY – NEAL SHUSTERMAN The world building is FASCINATING, and I want Literally All Of It. I want to see Back in the Beginning, when humanity conquered death, when the Grand Dame of Death earned her name, when the Thunderhead was created. I want to see decades into the future, I want to see hundreds of years, I want to see thousands. I want little side-stories that are character-heavy explorations of what its like to grow up in a world without death, what it was like when it all began. Inclusion of the main protagonists’ a bonus, but by no means necessary.
  • PANEM (&THE REST OF THE WORLD), THE HUNGER GAMES – SUZANNE COLLINS I want more Panem but I also want to know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD THAT ISN’T USA?? I like to imagine everyone else is just fairly regular, and their take on it is #americans. So yes I AM majorly thrilled about the upcoming prequel. I’d honestly love just a series of books that was one Hunger Games after the other. And an alternative universe shoot-off where the Berries never happened, and the Games are still onging.
  • VIRIDIA, GRACE & FURY DUOLOGY – TRACY BANGHART I’m deeply invested in how this deeply misogynistic and patriarchal country deals with having a King and Queen as equal heads of state, and badass female bodyguards. I’d especially love to see a sequel for this, The Selection-style, with the next book focused on their children. Honestly, I’d love it if it took it a step further than that and then also did a series to THAT about the original protagonist’s grandchildren. Just think about it – it’d be goddamn fascinating to see the way the socio-political landscape changed over the decades, using the royal family as the touchstone.
  • TORTALL – TORTALL UNIVERSE BOOKS, TAMORA PIERCE I love this country & will read anything and everything that Tammy writes in it. It’s made more magic than magic because its such a progressive country – a woman as King’s Champion, a Queen whose hands have callouses from working, and a POC runaway slave as a trainer of palace recruits.


  • CABIN IN THE WOODS (WHEEDON/GODDARD, 2012) Firstly, yes, I know ther is a novelisation of the film and yes, I do own it, have read it, and will likely reread it. I would LOVE if they went beyond novelisation and wrote something original about another country’s version of the Sacrifice (deeply interested in what they’d think up for the UK, for sure), or even America in the past. I really think seeing the guys behind the scenes flipping switches to basically curate a real life horror movie adds such a great dimension to the horror comedy genre and I want more of it.
  • THE GOOD PLACE (MICHAEL SCHUR, 2016-PRESENT) WHO WOULD NOT WANT THIS? Like with Arc of the Scythe, there’s so much great world-building to explore and so many angles to take it in: an office sitcom in Accounting, stream of consciousness with Janet, horror comedy in the Bad Place…
  • DEAD LIKE ME (BRYAN FULLER, 2003-2004) I would literally read about any and all department of Reapers in any and all countries.

AND THERE WE GO!Β  Do you have any Feels about anything that features on this list? Link me your TTT! Feel free toΒ friend me on GoodReads!



7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d like to see more of (General Wants & Specific Fictional Universes).

  1. Yes, I’d love to have more books like Feed. The descriptions of how human society in general was irrevocably changed was so interesting in that story. The part I remember the most vividly was that few people ate beef anymore!

    My TTT.

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  2. Right? I LOVE that trilogy, and the worldbuilding.. but sadly can no longer reread it because I do a lot of writing about Shaun & Georgia, and it’s just too heartbreaking. And yeah, I love the detail about beef – and how Georgia is like ‘my brother, who will stand and give speeches on top of cars in the middle of an outbreak, even HE won’t risk eating beef’.

    Awesome, thanks! I’ll check it out now πŸ™‚


  3. I would love more stories from the Scythe world as well. I love a good futuristic Earth, and I really think nowadays that post-apocalyptic Earth seems to be the thing and so we don’t get enough “utopian” style future settings. I think that’s a setting I’d really like to see more of, especially with a special science fiction spin on it with flying cars and such, haha.

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    1. autistic girl reads all the books, asks all the questions, pets all the cats πŸ“šπŸˆπŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ» says:

      Agreed!!!!! I think Scythe really proves that Utopia-style can have genuine issues and complexities without going into Dystopia, and since the series is so popular hopefully it’ll start a trend! Also, I loooove that the Thunderhead being 100% genuinely trying to help.

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  4. Oh I did love Scythe!! I got a bit burnt out during the massive dystopian phase where all of them sounded the same buuut Scythe was so different?! AND GOOD. I desperately need the Toll. And am here for THG prequel yesssss bring it πŸ™ŒπŸ»


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