Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Things I Should Be Reading Right Now, and I’m Not (Even Though I SWEAR I Want to).

Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Things I Should Be Reading Right Now, and I’m Not (Even Though I SWEAR I Want to).

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Hey! So, this is ~rlprotagonist, now ~jamesleahgdi. And here’s my TTT about things I should be reading that I’m not (even though I really do want to!!) + BONUS: What I’m actually reading RIGHT THIS SECOND.


  • THE BOOKSELLER MAGAZINE I subscribed to this magazine around the time I decided that For Real, I’m Going To Do My Masters in Publishing. So.. March this year, maybe? I freaking love it (seeing the top charts of what books have sold this week & how much is especially fascinating), but for some reason I’ve just.. fallen behind. And now I have three magazines to catch up on + the buyer’s guides. OOPS?
  • ELNA CAIN’S WRITETO1K.COM COURSE So I recently decided that FUCK IT I want to write for money. And I used some of my Tax Refund money to buy Elna’s course. What I’ve read so far is hoenstly really really helpful, and I’m not sure why I’ve not sped through more of it yet… legit, it’s quite probably because I REALLY REALLY WANT TO.. and therefore am putting it off. This is legit a thing that happens sometimes with me and I can not explain why.



  • ARCS #hahahahahahahahahahaha. But I’ve heard of this thing called #ARCAugust that I’m thinking of using to smash through a bunch of my ARCs? Is anyone else doing this?
  • LIBRARY BOOKS … I check out library books I want partially to control my urge to actually buy books, and also use my mum’s library card so I have 30+ books checked out right now.
  • BORROWED BOOKS FROM MY AUTISTIC SUPPORT GROUP More books I’m Really Invested In, and Haven’t Opened Yet.
  • THE 200+ BOOKS I ALREADY OWN THAT I HAVE NOT YET READ. This post is basically just hysterical laughter all around and I think you all know why.


  • JUST FINISHED READING The Culture Map. It was a reread as part of a mini-bookclub, and though I still really liked it, some comments from my friend Beks may be decide to 4 star it instead of 5. It gave me a lot of feels as an autistic person, so I’m thinking of doing a review of it with Autistic Impressions like I did for The Kingdom.
  • CURRENTLY READING The Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11. It’s incredibly well-written, and I’ve been reading it with a constant lump in my throat, but I’m so so glad I picked it up.

AND THERE WE GO!  Are you Not-Reading anything right now? Link me your TTT! Feel free to friend me on GoodReads!



26 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Things I Should Be Reading Right Now, and I’m Not (Even Though I SWEAR I Want to).

  1. Oh gosh, I relate to this so hard that I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. xD I’ve never heard of the Write To 1K course, but I can tell you that I tend to put off writing, too, and it’s usually because I’m afraid of either being good or horrible, and so I end up stalling lol. It’s a really weird dichotomy.

    And Then There Were Crows looks really good! That’s going on my TBR. Sounds like it’ll be a fun, funny read.

    I have managed to chop my 10,000 library books down to three! Muahaha. And I’m currently on a library borrowing ban until I manage to get through some ARCs. I was thinking about doing the ARC August thing, too, because … ha. Well. I was a teensy bit overzealous, and the ARCs I have coming in September are overwhelming. But exciting. But wow, I went overboard. And I totally refuse to even think about the 200+ books I own and still haven’t read yet, because that’s just too depressing. I need to be able to read like Reid from Criminal Minds lol.


    1. I completely get this being afraid of being bad but ALSO of being afraid of being good, like, damn.

      Yeah, it really does! And the sequel seems great, I’m planning to try and get through at least one of them today.

      THREE??? Wizardry. Yess!! I think I’m def going to do ARC August I just.. need to look up what the rules are.. and finish up some non-ARC books first, lol.

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      1. I feel like it’s really a no-win scenario that you just have to push through somehow. xD

        I mean, it helped that I’m friends with the librarians, and I informed them that I’m not allowed to take out any more books and they need to help me be strong. They have the best judgmental expressions. They just have to clear their throats and give me a look and I slink away from whatever I was looking at. πŸ˜› It helps to have support lol

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      2. Librarians are the best sorts of friends. Everyone should know a couple. They’re strict when they need to be, fun when they want, know all the bookish things, and are like your bookish drug dealers, hooking you up with your next fix. xD

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  2. Oh man, I need to read my library books too. I’m going to end up having to return at least some of them unread because I won’t have gotten to them before I run out of renewals! Oops…

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  3. #ARCAugust? Oh I’m definitely gonna use that month to read the ARCs I got. I’ve been slacking on reading the ones I have and… I have no idea why. And to think I was really excited for these books.

    Fat Is a Feminist Issue is a book I’ve come across in Goodreads lately and now it’s something I wanna read. *sigh it sucks when you’re enjoying a book and you’re stalling especially when you’re so close to the end 😦 I hope you’ll get your motivation back though! You’re so close!

    – Chai @ Like Chai Tea

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    1. Yes! I don’t really know a lot about it, my logic is just.. involves ARCS, is very soon, sounds good. Sometimes I think it’s just the idea that once you read it you HAVE to review them properly and everything.

      I hope you do! It seems really great. Yeahh I’m sure I’ll get back to it. Maybe I’ll try and finish that today so I can put it in the ‘books read in July’ category on my spreadsheet, instead of carrying it over to August.


  4. Unfortunately, I am not reading in general right now. I’ve been in the middle of the same book for the past month. My mood seems to be fluctuating a lot when it comes to reading. Hopefully, I can get my reading mojo back soon.


  5. Love this topic! And your variety, here! I hope you get to some of the books (well, and the magazines and the like) soon and that when you do you enjoy them! Also, side note, my TBR doesn’t need any more books added to it but I 100% just added Fat is a Feminist Issue to it.

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    1. Crap, I didn’t mean to post that “WOW,” comment—my computer completely spazzed out on me.

      What I meant to say was:

      WOW, I LOVE this topic so much and I related to so many things on your list: needing to check out the nominated blogs from the blogger awards, and needing to read ARCs, library books, and all the books I already own.

      And you’re pursuing a masters in publishing? That’s so cool!

      And yessss, particiate in ARC August! You can make it as chill or intense as you want (you set your goal for how many ARCs you want to read). Here’s the link to the hosts’ post if ya wanna check it out:

      And again, sorry about that sketchy “WOW,” comment, I hope it didn’t annoy you!

      Happy reading! πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s okay!! I’m always worried about that happening to me, except with something way more random than ‘wow’. And don’t be sorry!! That is a great accidental single-word comment, lol. Like ‘this post is so good ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW’.

        And thank you!!! I hoped it would be relatable. And yes, I’m thinking I need to do a library de-haul to figure out what I want to read within the next few months, and what to take back and try again for later. Because so many books.

        I am!!! I’m very excited for it – it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never applied for because I didn’t think I’d get in, BUT I DID! I’m going to UCLAN, who do the Northern Young Adult Lit Fest πŸ™‚

        Oh, thank you for the link! I’d already completely forgotten I wanted to do that, because my mind is a mess lately.

        Thank you!


      2. Bahaha, okay, I’m glad you see it that way!

        I’ve been slowly starting to dehaul library books too, tho I only have until the end of August to read them before I return to college so they honestly might all go back. ☹️ But making a list and coming back to them later is smart!

        And that’s so awesome–congrats!

        No problem! πŸ˜‰


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