WWW Wednesday: ARC Edition (Sep 30)

Rather than do WWW with allll the books I’ve recently read/am reading/am planning to read, I’ve decided to just do it for the ARCs that I’m currently working through. Because there are so many, buds.

The Three Ws are: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you’ll read next? WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking On A World of Words.


Fun fact + Fair warnings: The Witching Stone is published by UCLan Publishing, which is the independent for-trade Childrens/YA publishing house that is attached to my university! As I’m doing my MA in Publishing at UCLan, I do have a fair bit to do with them.

I started reading The Witching Stone last night at… 2am and then was like ‘um, possibly not the BEST idea’, since it is fairly creepy from early on. I really like some of Danny Weston’s other books, so I’m really looking forward to how this measures up.


Book cover for The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix.

“Children’s writers,” said Merlin.” Dangerous bunch. They cause us a lot of trouble.”

A girl’s quest to find her father leads her to an extended family of magical fighting booksellers who police the mythical Old World of England when it intrudes on the modern world. From the bestselling master of teen fantasy, Garth Nix.

I loved this book! Vibes I picked up on: Doctor Who, Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunters, Neil Gaiman, Tamora Pierce, Holly Black… Lots of good stuff. There was was enough genuine British humor in it that I briefly thought Nix was British (turns out he’s Australian, but has lived in London!).

Within the first chapter Nix introduces love interest Merlin, a deeply attractive boy who is ‘considering becoming a girl’, which… I love. I love that right away Garth Nix has a trans character in such a key role. I love that the protagonist, Susan, the girl with the buzzcut and The Clash t-shirt, rolls with it completely. I really like their developing attraction to each other, and how it’s very much secondary to the life-or-death problems going on. And if you were wondering: yes, Garth Nix believes that trans women are real women.

I read it all in less than 24 hours and I’ve added it to my Wish List of books that I’d like to own and reread. I’m also definitely going to be looking up Garth Nix’s other books, as I definitely feel like I’ve been missing out.

Add The Left-Handed Booksellers of London on GoodReads



Gripped tightly in the Thunderbird’s claws was a huge whale, plucked out of the distant ocean.

From the West African fable of Anansi the Spider, to Michabo, the magical hare who rebuilt the world and Tanuki, the sweet but troublesome raccoon-dog of Japanese folklore, Mythopedia is an encyclopedia of mythical creatures that covers legends, tales and myths from around the world.

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL. The illustrations are PHENOMENAL, and I want it, oh my god. The stories are well-chosen and culturally diverse, some of them charming, others a little disturbing, all of them colourful and surprising. I love that it has multiple creation myths, too.

10000% recommend this for anyone who loves beautiful books, or mythology books. I’m not actually sure what age range this is aimed at, but I feel like it could be appreciated by any age. Because colour! And short stories! And pretty!

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Screenshot from my NetGalley shelf. Includes: The Dead Girl Under the Bleachers, Some Laneys Died, The Scam List and My Backward Life. All are YA published between June-August 2020.

Once I’m finished with The Witching Stone, I don’t have any ARCs coming up until mid-November. SO I’m going to try and blast through a few of my backlist ARCs, starting with the ones listed since they should all be quick, fun reads.

Right now I’m watching Bernardine Evaristo in conversation for the Goldsmith Prize and it’s honestly so, so great to listen to! If you’ve missed her this time, she’s also doing a talk online on October 30th. After that I will go hit up WWW posts!

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21 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: ARC Edition (Sep 30)

  1. Mythopedia looks absolutely gorgeous. And it is so cool that you’re getting your Masters in Publishing. I don’t think any US universities offer that course of study. I would have done that instead of Masters in Counseling probably 😍🙌 Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really REALLY is, and I bet it’s even more so in person. I thiiink I’ve heard people in the US say they’ve got masters in Publishing but I’m not 100% sure… if it is, I think it’s very rare. It’s quite rare here – only about eight unis in the UK do MA in Publishing, and almost all of them are in London. I love it though 😀 And counselling sounds like a very good degree, too!

      Thank you ❤

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  2. All three of these books sound amazing! I have never heard of The Witching Stone, but definitely adding it to my TBR. It is so exciting that you liked Left Handed Booksellers, and if you haven’t checked out Nix’s other stuff, you are in for a treat. The Abhorsen series was a series I read over a decade ago, and it shaped how I read fantasy to this day. Hope you get the chance to check them out. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you like it, if you get to read it! Usually he does historical SFF horror MG (which.. is a genre I didn’t know I needed until my first one of his books), with my favourite of his probably being The Piper, though I love Inchtinn, too.

      I will definitely be checking out his other stuff! I wasn’t really sure where to start, so this definitely sounds like a ringing endorsement, thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Tbh, I only saw it when I realised that he was writing a trans character, and googled ‘Garth Nix trans’. Given the representation in the book I was pretty sure he wasn’t transphobic at all, but it was still so good to see the ringing endorsement. Definitely such a relief, and feels a little like the universe going ‘here, have a huge catalogue of unproblematic teen fantasy to read!’

      Thanks, I’ll check it out 😀


    1. Yeah! I had a ton of September ARCs and I actually.. got through all of them in September, which I didn’t think would happen. Unfortunately, I have a giant backlist I want to get through ….


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