Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Things I Should Be Reading Right Now, and I’m Not (Even Though I SWEAR I Want to).

Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Things I Should Be Reading Right Now, and I’m Not (Even Though I SWEAR I Want to).

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Hey! So, this is ~rlprotagonist, now ~jamesleahgdi. And here’s my TTT about things I should be reading that I’m not (even though I really do want to!!) + BONUS: What I’m actually reading RIGHT THIS SECOND.


  • THE BOOKSELLER MAGAZINE I subscribed to this magazine around the time I decided that For Real, I’m Going To Do My Masters in Publishing. So.. March this year, maybe? I freaking love it (seeing the top charts of what books have sold this week & how much is especially fascinating), but for some reason I’ve just.. fallen behind. And now I have three magazines to catch up on + the buyer’s guides. OOPS?
  • ELNA CAIN’S WRITETO1K.COM COURSE So I recently decided that FUCK IT I want to write for money. And I used some of my Tax Refund money to buy Elna’s course. What I’ve read so far is hoenstly really really helpful, and I’m not sure why I’ve not sped through more of it yet… legit, it’s quite probably because I REALLY REALLY WANT TO.. and therefore am putting it off. This is legit a thing that happens sometimes with me and I can not explain why.


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15+ Teenage Bookish Influencers You Should Follow Immediately (ft. Book Bloggers, Booktubers and Lots of Links)

BRILLIANT and comprehensive round-up of 15 teen book bloggers. I’m definitely going to be following most of them.

Librae Paints Pages

So if you all didn’t know, I’m Taasia and I’m a teen book blogger who loves boosting teen voices!

And as a teen book blogger, I love it when I can find and connect with fellow teen book influencers.

I, like the majority of people in the community, read YA. I’ve seen that in an area of reading and publishing that is meant to be targeted at teens, that teens are so often left out of conversations, with many adults taking up spots for teen influencers.

We see this in more and more YA books being catered for older teens and less books being catered towards younger teens. We see this in how the primary influencers around YA are adults, especially since they are financially independent and just independent in a lot of other ways, leaving teens, who are dependent on their parents/guardians, heavily disadvantaged. We also see this, in…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d like to see more of (General Wants & Specific Fictional Universes).

Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d like to see more of (General Wants & Specific Fictional Universes).

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Hey! So, this is ~rlprotagonist, now ~jamesleahgdi 🙂 And here’s my TTT!


  • UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE. Any bets on when the Publishing industry is FINALLY going to begin to acknowledge that this idea that ‘a market for New Adult doesn’t exist’ is total BS? There are approx 10000k takes on high school and about ten on college/university. Makes zero sense.
  • DISNEYLAND/DISNEYWORLD. Don’t know, can’t explain it. Like, yes, there’s quite a few books about cute lil’ town theme parks or whatever but’s just not the same as the powerhouse that is Disney.
  • POST-APOCALYPTIC, WHERE HUMANITY HAS ADAPTED, AND NOT IN A DYSTOPIAN WAY. This is… truly, deeply specific and I don’t know how else to phrase it. I want to see more world-ending scenarios that SEVERELY fuck with the world… but do not Ruin it, do not have an All-Knowing EvilMotherFucker to overthrow.


I’m taking this one as ‘universes I’d still REALLY want to read about… in spite of the main characters from the books not being around, because I just love the setting that goddamn much.

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Tag: Good Reading Habits

I saw this tag over at and I REALLY liked the look of it… mostly because it doesn’t involve me having to pinpoint One Favourite Book.


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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
  • Nominate some other bloggers!


Regularly utilising the KonMari method,

mk.gifI’m not positive if I initially did my first giant clear-out because of Marie Kondo, or if she just inspired me to do it even better the next time(s) around, but goddamn do I love that woman. She’s a cute lil’ hardass, and if you’ve not read any of her books or watched her Netflix show I highly recommend you do.

Since the first time I took all my books off their (many, many) shelves to sort through them, I’ve done regular top-ups every couple of months. I’ll look over every book I own to see if a) I’m still excited to have that book on my TBR & b) if owning x book that I’ve already read still brings me joy.

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Top 10 Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-Buy Authors

Hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

I’m defining ‘auto-buy’ here as in, if I see this person has a new book out, I’m gonna buy it ASAP, or possibly even pre-order, and that I plan on owning/reading All Their Backlist Books sooner or later. I’ve also categorised the authors by ‘5eva loves’, ‘instant yes’ & ‘2nd chance surprises.’ I also listed the book by them that hooked me.


Tamora Pierce ♥ Wild Magic 

casstamTamora Pierce WAS my childhood. I have a really clear memory of going to the library to look for the yellow index cards in the little slipcases that meant the next Tamora Pierce in the series that I’d ordered was in. As an author, she’s never let me down (..okay, maaaybe once, with Beka Cooper), and I’m really glad that her series’s are beginning to be re-released with prettyass covers. Her books were diverse as a cis white woman could get way before there was a big push for diversity in KidLit, and that makes me proud. I will always and forever buy Tammy, and I’m thrilled to bits to have a signed copy of Tempests and Slaughter (I legit gasped IRL when I saw it in Waterstones).

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ARC REACTION: The Harm Tree (3/5).

The cover is beautiful. I LOVE how its a tree… but its also two faces.


AUTHOR: Rose Edwards. She’s a debut! I met her at NYA Lit Fest, and she seemed fantastic – she held her own in the SFF & Feminism panel with the likes of Melinda Salisbury, Samanthan Shannon and Laure Eve, and when I commented on it, she smiled and told me that that was nothing – she’d taught high school.

PUBLISHER: UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), who are the only for-trade non-profit Publisher in the UK. They’re also the only university where undergrad and postgrad students DIRECTLY work on the books the publish – acquiring, designing, editing, etc, which is just cool as hell. They’re also the uni where I’m going to be doing my masters this September 😀

GENRE(S):  High Fantasy, YA

QUICK SUMMARY:  Torny and Ebba are friends. Sent away by their families, they work together and watch out for each other. Too young to remember the war that tore apart the kingdom, Torny dreams of the glorious warriors of old, while Ebba misses her family, despite the darkness she left behind.

But when a man is murdered on the street and Torny finds herself in possession of a dangerous message, the two friends must tread separate paths. These will lead them through fear, through grief, to the source of their own power and to the gates of death itself.

As Torny and Ebba are used as tools for the opposing factions of the war, a deep power is ignited in them both. Can they uncover their own strength to finally heal the wounds of a nation?

AVG. GOODREADS RATING: 4.59 ★ over 17 ratings.

TW: Domestic abuse

MY RATING: ★★★ (3)

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The Kingdom: Impressions from an Autistic Reader (5/5).

I finished reading The Kingdom just now. I gave it 5 stars on GoodReads, and am already wondering if I want to hit up the booksfortrade tag on Twitter to try and trade for the ARC of it. I’d like the US copy, too, but I’m not in any kind of place to afford INT postage right now. Really, I’m not in any kind of place to be buying any kind of books right now, which is one of the reasons I’ve become grateful for pre-orders: you’re supporting an author, and you have the experience of buying a book without spending the money right now.

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